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Adiaphanida Tricladida

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Primary authority: Lang A 1884 index card avail.
Die Polycladen (Seeplanarien) des Golfes von Neapel und der angrenzenden Meeresabschnitte. Eine Monographie. Fauna Flora Golfes Neapel. W. Engelmann, Leipzig. Fauna Flora Golfes Neapel 11:ix+688 pp.  
other taxonomic work: Ijima I 1887 index card avail.
Ueber einige Tricladen Europas. Journ. Coll. of Sc. Imp. Univ. Japan. 1: 241-258; 337-358, tab 25. Tokyo 1887.  
other taxonomic work: Wilhelmi J 1908 index card avail.
On the North American marine Triclades. Biol. Bull. 15, p. 1-6.  
other taxonomic work: Bohmig L 1909    Tricladida. Süsswasserfauna Deutschlands (Brauer) Jena 19: 143-176  
other taxonomic work: Wilhelmi J 1911 index card avail.
Citate zur Systematic der marinen Tricladen. Ein Nachtrag zur Seetricladen- Monographie. Arch. f. Naturg. 1(2): 41-119  
  Graff Lvon 1915    Muskulöse Drüsenorgane der Tricladida. In: Bronn's Klassen und Ordnungen des Tier-Reichs. Turbellaria. CF Winter'sche Verlagsh, Leipzig pp 3110-3126 +3pl  
other taxonomic work: Steinböck O 1925 index card avail.
Zur Systematik der Turbellaria metamerata, zugleich ein Beitrag zur Morphologie des Tricladen-Nervensystems. Zool Anz 64:165-192.  
  Willier BH, Hyman LH, Rifenburgh SA 1925    A histochemical study of intracellular digestion in triclad flatworms. J Morphol Physiol 40:299-340  
  Steinböck O 1928 index card avail.
Beiträge zur Kenntnis der Trubellarienfauna Grönlands. I. Bothrioplanida und Tricladida. Meddelelser om Groenland 74, p. 71-82, 1 f.  
  Hyman LH 1946 index card avail.
The nature of the eosinophilous spheres in the intestinal epithelium of planarians. A correction. Transact Amer Microsc Soc 65:276-277  
other taxonomic work: Ball IR 1977 index card avail.
On the phylogenetic classification of aquatic planarians. Acta Zool. Fennica 154:21-35  
other taxonomic work: Ball IR, Reynoldson RB 1981    British Planarians. Platyhelminthes: Tricladida. Cambridge Univ. Press. pp. 1-141  
  Benazzi M, Gremigni V 1982 index card avail.
Developmental biology of triclad turbellarians (Planaria) In: Developmental Biology of Freshwater Invertebrates. (eds. FW Harrison, RR Cowden): 151-211. Alan R Liss, New York.  
  Gremigni V, Nigro M, Settembrini M 1986 index card avail.
Ultrastructural features of oogenesis in some marine neoophoran turbellarians. Hydrobiologia 132:145-150  
other taxonomic work: Ogren RE, Kawakatsu M 1990    Index to species of the family Geoplanidae (Turbellaria, Tricladida, Terricola) Part I: Geoplaninae. Part II: Caenoplaninae and Pelmatoplaninae. Bull Fuji Wom Coll No 28, Ser II:79-166; 29:25-102  
other taxonomic work: Kawakatsu M, Ogren RE, Froehlich EM 2000    Additions and corrections of the previous land planarian indices of the world (Turbellaria, Seriata, Tricladida, Terricola). Additions and corrections of the previous land planarian indices of the world - 8(2) Bull Fuji Wom Coll 38 II: 83-103  
  Cebria F, Romero R 2001    Body-wall muscle restoration dynamics are different in dorsal and ventral blastemas during planarian anterior regeneration. Belg J Zool (Suppl 1): 111-115  
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  Bueno D, Vispo M, Sancho V, Romero R 2001    Maintenance of A/P body regions in planarians by tcen49, a putative cystine-knot neurotrophin Belgian Journal of Zoology 131: 89-95 (Supplement) (April, 2001)  
  Agata K 2001    The regeneration system of planarians. (Abstract) Belgian Journal of Zoology 131: 101-102 (Supplement) (April, 2001)  
  Schürmann W, Peter R 2001    Planarian cell culture: a comparative review of methods and an improved protocol for primary cultures of neoblasts. Belgian Journal of Zoology 131: 123-130 (Supplement) (April, 2001)  
  Asano Y, Yoshida A, Isozaki N, Ishida S 2001    Production of intestine-specific monoclonal antibody and interspecific cross-reaction in triclads and polyclads. Belgian Journal of Zoology 131: 137-141 (Supplement) (April, 2001)  
other taxonomic work: Ax P 2008    Plathelminthes aus Brackgewässern der Nordhalbkugel. Akademie der Wissenschaft und der Literatur Mainz, Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, 696 pp. 287-288
latest authority: Sluys R, Kawakatsu M, Riutort M, Baguñà J 2009  abstract/note A new higher classification of planarian flatworms (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida) Journal of Natural History 43(29):1763-1777  
  Riutort M, Álvarez-Presas M, Lázaro E, Solà E, Paps J 2012  abstract/note Evolutionary history of the Tricladida and the Platyhelminthes: an up-to-date phylogenetic and systematic account. International Journal of Developmental Biology. 56:5-17.  
other taxonomic work: Koroleva AG, Evtushenko EV, Timoshkin OA, Vershinin AV, Kirilchik SV 2013    Telomeric DNA Length and Phylogenetic Relationship of Baikal and Siberian Planarians (Turbellaria, Tricladida) Tsitologiya, 55 (4): 247-252 (in Russian)  
other taxonomic work: Koroleva AG, Evtushenko EV, Timoshkin OA, Vershinin AV, Kirilchik SV 2013    Telomeric DNA Length and Phylogenetic Relationship of Baikal and Siberian Planarians (Turbellaria, Tricladida) Cell and Tissue Biology, 7(4): 369–374  
other taxonomic work: Sluys R, Vila-Farre M, Alvarez-Presas M, Riutori M, Kawakatsu M, Tulp AS 2015  abstract/note The diet and distribution of Pentacoelum kazukolinda (Kawakatsu & Mitchell, 1984), a maricolan planarian with a freshwater ecology. Zoologica Scripta, Volume:44(1): 72-91  
  Justine J-L, Lemarcis T, Gerlach J, Winsor L 2018  abstract/note First report of the land planarian Endeavouria septemlineata (Hyman, 1939) (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Continenticola, Geoplanidae) in French Polynesia. Zootaxa, Vol. 4450(2): 297-300  
  Justine J-L, Winsor L, Gey D, Gros P, Thévenot J 2018    Giant worms chez moi! Hammerhead flatworms (Platyhelminthes, Geoplanidae, Bipalium spp., Diversibipalium spp.) in metropolitan France and overseas French territories. PeerJ, Volume:6: e4672  

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