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Prorhynchida Prorhynchidae

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Primary authority: Hallez P 1894 index card avail.
Sur un Rhabdocoelide nouveau de la famille des Proboscides (Schizorhynchus coecus, n. gen., n. sp.). Rev Biol Nord-Fr :315-320  
latest authority: Karling TG 1974    On the anatomy and affinities of the turbellarian orders. In: Biology of the Turbellaria (eds. NW Riser & MP Morse):1-16. McGraw-Hill, New York.  
  A Falleni 1997    Ultrastructural aspects of the germovitellarium of two prorhynchids (Platyhelminthes, Lecithoepitheliata) Invertebrate Reproduction and Development 31(1-3):285-296  
other taxonomic work: Egger B, Lapraz F, Tomiczek B, Mueller S, Dessimoz C, Girstmair J, Skunca N, Rawlinson KA, Cameron CB, Beli E, Todaro MA, Gammoudi M, Norena C, Telfor 2015    A transcriptomic-phylogenomic analysis of the evolutionary relationships of flatworms Current Biology 25, 1347-1353 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cub.2015.03.034 1349, 1351

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