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  Turbellarian Research
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Listing of publications with author Schockaert E
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Artois T, Schockaert E 1999 Two new species of the genus Duplacrohynchus Schockaert & Karling, 1970, with remarks on relationships within the genus and on the Duplacrorhynchinae (Platyhelminthes, Polycystididae). Belg J Zool 129:235-244
Artois T, Schockaert E 1999 Interstitial fauna of the Galapagos: Porrocystidinae (Platyhelminthes Polycystididae). Tropical Zoology 12:309-324
Artois T, Schockaert E 2000 Interstitial fauna of the Galapagos: Typhlopolycycstidinae (Platyhelminthes Polycystididae). Tropical Zoology 13:141-158
Artois T, Schockaert E, Beenaerts N, Reygel P 2013 Trigonostomum vanmecheleni sp. nov, a new species of Trigonostomidae (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela, Dalytyphloplanida) from the channels of Venice (Italy), with a discussion on the T. lilliei species group Italian Journal of Zoology
Artois T, Vermin W, Schockaert E 2000 Rhabdocoela (Platyhelminthes) from the Weddell Sea (Antarctica) with the description of eight new species. Belg J Zool 130:103-110
Artois T, Willems W, Revis N, Martens P, Schockaert E 2012 New species of Limipolycystis (Rhabdocoela: Kalyptorhynchia: Polycystididae) from the Western Mediterranean Zootaxa 3325: 26-36
Artois T, Willems W, Reygel P, Schockaert E 2013 Brachyrhynchus n. gen. n. sp., a new genus of Polycystididae Graff, 1905 (Rhabdocoela: Kalyptorhynchia), with the description of three new species from the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean Zootaxa 3635 (2): 127–136
Artois T, Willems W, Reygel P, Schockaert E 2013 Brachyrhynchoides nom. nov. Artois & Schockaert, 2013: A replaced name for Brachyrhynchus Artois & Schockaert, 2013 Zootaxa 3683 (1): 094–094
Artois TJ, Schockaert ER 1998 A cladistic re-assessment of the Polycystis species complex (Polycystididae, Eukalyptorhynchia). Hydrobiologia 383: 97-102
Artois TJ, Schockaert ER 2001 Interstitial fauna of the Galapagos: Duplacrorhynchinae, Macrorhynchinae, Polycystidinae, Gyratricinae (Platyhelminthes Polycystididae). Tropical Zool 14:63-85
Artois TJ, Schockaert ER 2003 Primary homology assessment in the male atrial system of the Polycystididae (Platyhelminthes Eukalyptorhynchia). Zool Anz 242:179-190
Artois TJ, Schockaert ER 2005 Primary homology assessment of structures in the female atrial system among species of the Polycystididae (Rhabditophora, Eukalyptorhynchia). Invert Biol 124:109-118
Curin-Galletti M., Webster B.L., Huyse T., Casu M., Schockaert E.R., Artois T.J. & Littlewood D.T.J. 2010 New insights on the phylogenetic relationships of the Proseriata (Platyhelminthes), with proposal of a new genus of the family Coelogynoporidae Zootaxa 2537: 1-18
Curini-Galletti M, Webster BL, Huyse T, Casu M, Schockaert ER, Artois TJ, Littlewood DTJ 2010 New insights on the phylogenetic relationships of the Proseriata (Platyhelminthes), with proposal of a new genus of the family Coelogynoporidae. Zootaxa 2537:1-18
Dahms HU, Herman RL, Schockaert ER 1990 Meiobenthos on the Halley Bay and Kapp Norvegia transects. In: The expedition ANTARKTIS VII/4 (Epos leg 3) and VII/5 of RV "Polarstern" in 1989. Eds. : ARNTZ W., W. ERNST & I. HEMPEL. Reports on Polar Research, 68: 91-173.
De Clerck GG, Schockaert ER 1995 Two peculiar new genera of Typhloplanoida from the Western Indian Ocean. Hydrobiologia 305:3-9
De Vocht AJ-P, Schockaert E 1999 The anatomy and ultrastructure of the proboscis in Zonorhynchus-species and implications for phylogenetic relationships within the Eukalyptorhynchia Meixner, 1928 (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela). Belg J Zool 129:219-234
De Vocht AJ-P, Schockaert ER 1988 Ultrastructure and organization of the proboscis epithelia in Cicerina remanei Meixner, 1928 (Turbellaria, Eukalyptorhynchia). Fortschr Zool 36:375-383
Gevaerts H, Moens JB, Schockaert ER 1995 Hard parts in the female system of Syndesmis longicanalis (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela, Umagillidae) are basement membrane derivatives. Invert Biol 114:279-284
Joffe BI, Cannon LRG, Schockaert ER 1998 On the phylogeny of families and genera within the Temnocephalida. Hydrobiologia 383: 263-268
Jouk P, Schockaert E 2002 Species composition and diversity of free-living Plathelminthes (Turbellaria) from sandy beaches at the Belgian coast Bulletin van het Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut voor Natuurwetenschappen- Biologie
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Martens PM, Schockaert ER 1985 On the anatomy of Gnosonesima mediterranea sp. n. from Corsica (Plathelminthes, Lecithoepitheliata) with special emphasis on its genito-intestinal connections. Microfauna Mar 2:397-410
Martens PM, Schockaert ER 1986 The importance of turbellarians in the marine meiobenthos: a review. Hydrobiologia 132:295-303
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Moens JB, Martens EE, Schockaert ER 1994 Syndesmis longicanalis sp. nov., an umagillid turbellarian (Plathelminthes) from echinoids from the Kenyan coast. Belgian Journal of Zoology 124(2):105-114.
Reygel P, Schockaert E, Janssen T, Artois T 2014 Two new species of Carcharodorhynchus Meixner, 1938 (Platyhelminthes: Rhabdocoela: Schizorhynchidae) from Brazil and Lanzarote Marine Biodiversity 44: 279-285
Salo E, Watson N, Schockaert E 2001 Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on the Biology of the Turbellaria. Barcelona, Spain, June 2000. Belgian Journal of Zoology 131: 1-236 (Supplement) (April, 2001)
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Schockaert ER 1976 Turbellaria Polycystididae (Kalyptorhynchia) of the Marseille area III. Albertorhynchus amai n.g. n.sp. Biol Jb Dodonaea 44:280-286
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Schockaert ER, Brunet M 1971 Turbellaries Polycystididae (Turbellaria, Kalyptorhynchia) from the Marseille-area II. Galorhynchus simplex n.g. n.sp. and G. mediterraneus n.sp. Ann Soc. Roy Zool Belgique 101:65-75
Schockaert ER, Curini-Galletti M, De Ridder W, Artois T 2011 On the Calviriidae Martens and Curini-Galletti, 1993 (Platyhelminthes, Proseriata), with the description of three new species. Zootaxa 3034: 32-46
Schockaert ER, Curini-Galletti M, De Ridder W, Volonterio O, Artois T 2009 A new family of lithophoran Proseriata (Platyhelminthes), with the description of seven new species from the Indo-Pacific and South America, and the proposal of three new genera Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 155: 759-773
Schockaert ER, Hooge M, Sluys R, Schilling S, Tyler S, Artois T 2008 Global diversity of free living flatworms (Platyhelminthes, "Turbellaria") in freshwater. Hydrobiologia 595:41-48
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Schockaert ER, Tessens BS, Gobert S, Revis N, Artois TJ 2017 On the genus Gallorhynchus Schockaert & Brunet, 1971 (Platyhelminthes, Kalyptorhynchia, Polycystididae) with the description of four new species. Zootaxa. 4227(1): 61–74. https://doi.org/10.11646/zootaxa.4227.1.3
Van Steenkiste N, Volonterio O, Schockaert E, Artois T 2008 Marine Rhabdocoela (Platyhelminthes, Rhabditophora) from Uruguay, with the description of eight new species and two new genera Zootaxa 1914: 1-33
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Watson NA, Schockaert ER 1996 Spermiogenesis and sperm ultrastructure in Thylacorhynchus ambronensis (Schizorhynchia, Kalyptorhynchia, Platyhelminthes). Invertebr Biol 115: 263-272
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Willems WR, Artois TJ, Vermin W, Backeljau T, Schockaert ER 2005 "Typhloplanoida" (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela) from the Indian Ocean, with the description of six new taxa. J Nat Hist 39:1561-1582
Willems WR, Artois TJ, Wouter VA, Schockaert ER 2004 Revision of Trigonostomum Schmidt, 1852 (Platyhelminthes, Typhloplanoida, Trigonostomidae) with the description of seven new species. Zool J Linnean Soc 141:271-296
Willems WR, Schockaert ER, Artois TJ 2006 Report on the Polycystididae (Rhabdocoela, Kalyptorhynchia) from Australia, with the description of twelve new species and six new genera Hydrobiologia 563:329-355
Willems WR, Wallberg A, Jondelius U, Littlewood DTJ, Backeljau T, Schockaert ER, Artois TJ 2006 Filling a gap in the phylogeny of flatworms: relationships within the Rhabdocoela (Platyhelminthes), inferred from 18S ribosomal DNA sequences. Zool Scr 35:1-17

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