History of
  Turbellarian Research
      compiled by Steve Schilling
Listing of publications with author Morgan T
author date title journal / publication
Morgan TH 1898 Experimental studies of the regeneration of Planaria maculata. Arch Entwicklungsmech, Leipzig 7:364-397
Morgan TH 1900 Regeneration in Bipalium. Archiv F. Entwickelungsmech 9:563-586.
Morgan TH 1900 Regeneration in Planarians. Arch. f. Entwickelungsmech. 10: 58-119, 31 figures. (Mit einer deutschen Zusammenfassung.)
Morgan TH 1901 Growth and regeneration in Planaira lugubris. Arch. f. Entwickelungsmech. 13:179-212, with 14 figures. (with German summary)
Morgan TH 1901 Regeneration in the egg, embryo and adult. 949-973
Morgan TH 1902 The Internal Influences that determine the Relative Size of Double Structures in Planaria lugubris. Biol. Bull. Vol. 3. No. 3. Woods Hole. Mass. : 132-139 [1903]
Morgan TH 1902 Regeneration. (Columbia University Biological Series 7). New York 1902.
Morgan TH 1903 [Planarians, regeneration] Bryn Mawr Coll. Monogr. 1903: 57-120
Morgan TH 1904 Regeneration of heteromorphic tails in posterior pieces of Planaria simplicissima. J exp Zool 1:385-393,20f.
Morgan TH 1904 Polarity and axial heteromorphosis. American Natural 38, p. 502-505.
Morgan TH 1904 The Control of Heteromorphosis in Planaria maculata. Arch. f. Entwickeluungsmech. 17: 683-695, 1 text fig. Leipzig 1904. (German summary page 695.)
Morgan TH 1904 Notes on Regeneration. The Limitation of the Regenerative Power of Dendrocoelum lacteum. Biol. Bull. Tom. 6. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 1904. pages 159-172.
Morgan TH 1905 'Polarity' considered as a Phenomenon of Gradation of Materials. Journal of Exper. Zool. Volume 2: 503. Baltimore 1905.
Morgan TH, Schiedt AE 1904 Regeneration in the Planarian Phagocata gracilis. Biol. Bull. Vol. 7: 160-165. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 1904
Morgan TM 1900 Regeneration in Planarians. Archiv F. Entwicklungsmech 10:48-119.

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