History of
  Turbellarian Research
      compiled by Steve Schilling
Listing of publications with author Ijima I
author date title journal / publication
Ijima I 1884 Untersuchungen ueber den Bau und Die Entwicklungsgeschichte der Suesswasser-Dendrocoelen (Tricladen). Z wiss Zool 40:359-464.
Ijima I 1884 Untersuchungen uber den Bau und die Entwicklungsgeschichte der Susswasserdendrocolen (Tricladen). Z wiss Zool (Leipzig) 40: 359-464
Ijima I 1887 Ueber einige Tricladen Europas. Journ. Coll. of Sc. Imp. Univ. Japan. 1: 241-258; 337-358, tab 25. Tokyo 1887.
Ijima I 1918 A Manual of Zoology (in Japanese)  
Ijima I, Kaburaki T 1916 Preliminary descriptions of some Japanese Triclada. Annot Zool Japon Tokyo 9: 153-171

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