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  Turbellarian Research
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Listing of publications with author Faubel A
author date title journal / publication
Ax P, Faubel A 1974 Anatomie von Psammomacrostomum equicaudum (Ax, 1966) (Turbellaria: Macrostomida) Mikrofauna des Meeresbodens 48:1-12 [415-424]
Ax P, Faubel A 1974 Anatomie von Psammomacrostomum equicaudum Ax, 1966 (Turbellaria, Macrostomida). Mikrofauna Meeresbodens 48:1-12.
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Bulnes VN, Faubel A, Ponce de Leon R 2003 New species of Stylochocestididae and Cryptocelididae (Plathelminthes, Polycladida: Acotylea) from the Atlantic coast of Uruguay. Mitt hamb zool Mus Inst 100:59-72
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Faubel A 1974 Die Acoela (Turbellaria) eines Sandstrandes der Nordseeinsel Sylt. Mikrofauna Meeresbodens 32:1-58
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Faubel A 1976 Populationsdynamik und Lebenszyklen interstitieller Acoela und Macrostomida (Turbellaria). Mikrofauna Meeresbodens 56:255-359.
Faubel A 1976 Eine neue Art der Gattung Retronectes (Turbellaria, Catenulida) aus dem Küstengrundwasser der Nordseeinsel Sylt. Zool Scr 5:217-220.
Faubel A 1976 Interstitielle Acoela (Turbellaria) aus dem Littoral der nordfriesischen Inseln Sylt und Amrum (Nordsee). Mitt Hamburg Zool Mus u Inst 73: 17-56.
Faubel A 1977 Bathymacrostomum spirale n. gen. n. sp., ein Vertreter der Familie Dolichomacrostomidae Rieger, 1971 (Turbellaria) aus dem Sublitoral der Nordsee. Meteor Forschungserg. D 25:45-48.
Faubel A 1977 Zwei neue interstitielle Arten der Acoela (Turbellaria) von Norwegen. Zoologica Scripta, 6: 21-25.
Faubel A 1977 The distribution of Acoela and Macrostomida (Turbellaria) in the littoral of the North Frisian Islands, Sylt, Romo, Jordsand, and Amrum (North Sea). Senckenb. Marit 9:59-74
Faubel A 1980 Promesostoma ericae sp. n. (Turbellaria, Typhloplanoida), a new eulittoral species from the North Sea, with remarks on its ecology. Senckenbergiana marit 12:257-267.
Faubel A 1983 Determination of individual meiofauna dry weight values in relation to definite size classes. Cah Biol Mar 23:339-346.
Faubel A 1983 The Polycladida, Turbellaria; Proposal and establishment of a new system. Part I. The Acotylea. Mitt Hamb Zool Mus Inst 80:17-121
Faubel A 1984 Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Wirkung von Rohöl und Rohöl/Tensid-Gemischen im Ökosystem Wattenmeer. X. Turbellaria. [Experimental Investigations about Effects of Crude Oil and Dispersed Crude Oil in Tidal Flat Environments 10.] Senckenbergiana Maritima 16(1-6): 153-170
Faubel A 1984 On the geographical occurence of pelagic polyclad turbellarians. Cah Biol Mar 25:153-168.
Faubel A 1984 On the abundance and activity pattern of zoobenthos inhabiting a tropical reef area, Cebu, Philippines. Coral Reefs 3:205-214
Faubel A 1984 The Polycladida, Turbellaria; Proposal and establishment of a new system. Part II. The Cotylea. Mitt Hamb Zool Mus Inst 81: 189-259
Faubel A 2005 On the synonymy of Scillyvortex phytophilus Faubel and Warwick, 2005 (Platyhelminthes) Journal of Natural History 39(39): 3481
Faubel A Unpubl. Monograph of Macrostomida and Haplopharyngida (Plathelminthes: Rhabditophora) Unpublished; 272 pages + figures
Faubel A, Sluys R, Reid DG 2007 A new genus and species of polyclad flatworm found in the mantle cavities of gastropod molluscs in the high-intertidal zone of the Pacific coast of central America. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 87(2): 429-434.
Faubel A, Blome D, Cannon LRG 1994 Sandy beach meiofauna of eastern Australia (southern Queensland and New South Wales). 1. Introduction and Macrostomida (Platyhelminthes). Invertebrate Taxonomy 8(4):989-1007
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Faubel A, Gollasch S 1996 Cryptostylochus hullensis sp. nov. (Polycladida, Acotylea, Platyhelmithes): a possible case of transoceanic dispersal on a ship's hull. Helgolaender Meeresuntersuchugen 50(4):533-537
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Faubel A, Kolasa J 1978 On the anatomy and morphology of a fresh water species of Acoela (Turbellaria): Limnoposthia polonica (Kolasa et Faubel, 1974). Bull Acad Polonaise Sci Ser II 26: 393-397.
Faubel A, Meyer-Reil LA 1983 ? Measurement of enzymatic activity of meiobenthic organisms: methodology and ecological application. Car Biol Mar 24:35-50.
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Faubel A, Regier S 1983 Anatomy and taxonomy of new Acoela (Turbellaria) from the sublittoralof the northern North Sea. [Alluna, Praecovoluta, Praeanaperus, Eumecynostomum, Pseudomecynostomum, Neomecunostomum] Senkenbergiana Marit 15(1/3): 1-17.
Faubel A, Rohde K 1998 Sandy beach meiofauna of eastern Australia (southern Queensland and New South Wales). IV. Proseriata, Platyhelminthes. Mitt Hamb Zool Mus Inst
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Müller D, Faubel A 1993 The 'Turbellaria' of the River Elbe Estuary. A faunistic analysis of oligohaline and limnic areas. Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl. 75: 363-396
Noreña C, Brusa F, Faubel A 2003 Census of "microturbellarians" (free-living Platyhelminthes) of the zoogeographical regions originating from Gondwana. Zootaxa. 2003 146: 1-34
Noreña C, Damborenea C, Faubel A & Brusa F 2007 Composition of meiobenthonic Platyhelminthes from brackish environments of the Galician and Cantabrian coasts of Spain with the description of a new species of Djeziraia (Polycystididae, Kalyptorhynchia) Journal of Natural History 41 (29-32): 1989-2005
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Noreña-Janssen C, Faubel A 1996 Myoretronectes paranaensis n. gen. et sp., a new freshwater genus of the family Retronectidae (Turbellaria, Catenulida) from the Parana, Argentina. Hydrobiologia 330(2):111-118
Ratz H, Faubel A, Roeder T 1988 Electrophoresis and histochemistry as tools in the taxonomy of the Acoela. In: P Ax, U Ehlers, B Sopott-Ehlers (eds) Free-living and symbiotic Plathelminthes. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart, NY. Fortschritte Zool. 36:173-176
Rohde K, Faubel A 1997 Spermatogenesis of Macrostomum pusillum (Platyhelminthes, Macrostomidae). Invertebr Reprod Dev 32: 75-84
Rohde K, Faubel A 1998 Spermatogenesis of Haplopharynx rostratus (Platyhelminthes, Haplophryngida). Belg J Zool 128: 177-188
Rohde K, Watson NA, Faubel A 1993 Ultrastructure of the epidermis and protonephridium of an undescribed species of Luridae (Platyhelminthes: Rhabdocoela). Austral J Zool 41: 415-421
Rohde K, Watson NA, Faubel A 1993 Ultrastructure of the statocyst in an undescribed species of Luridae (Platyhelminthes: Rhabdocoela: Luridae). Aust J Zool 41: 215-224 (MS copy reviewed)
Sluys R, Faubel A, Rajagopal S, van der Velde G 2005 A new and alien species of 'oyster leech' (Platyhelminthes, Polycladida, Stylochidae) from the brackish North Sea Canal, The Netherlands. Helgoland Marine Research 59(4): 310-314

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