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  Turbellarian Research
      compiled by Steve Schilling
Listing of publications with author Bush L
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Bush LF 1964 Distribution and behavior of some marine Turbellaria of the Woods Hole region. Biol Bull 127:364
Bush LF 1964 Phylum Platyhelminthes--class Turbellaria. In: Keys to Marine Intertebrates of the Woods Hole Region. RI Smith ed. MBL, Woods Hole, pp 30-39
Bush LF 1966 Distribution of sand fauna in beaches at Miami, Florida. Bull Mar Sci 16:58-75
Bush LF 1968 Characteristics of interstitial sand Turbellaria: the significance of body elongation, muscular development, and adhesive organs. Trans Am Microsc Soc 87:244-251
Bush LF 1970 Halammohydra schulzei: first actinulid recorded from western Atlantic. Trans Amer Microsc Soc. 89:431-433
Bush LF 1975 Biology of Neochildia fusca n. gen., n. sp. from the northeastern coast of the United States (Playthelminthes: Turbellaria). Biol Bull (Woods Hole) 148:35-48.
Bush LF 1981 Marine flora and fauna of the northeastern United States. Turbellaria: Acoela and Nemertodermatida. NOAA Techn Report NMFS Circular 440, 70 pp.
Bush LF 1984 Two new Acoela from the Philippine Islands, Convoluta boyeri n. sp. and Convoluta philippinensis n. sp. (Turbellaria: Acoela). Trans Am Microsc Soc 103:16-30.
Sluys R, Bush LF 1988 On Pentacoelum punctatum, an amphi-Atlantic marine triclad (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida: Maricola). Trans. Am. Microsc. Soc. 107(2):162-170
Smith JPS, Bush L 1991 Convoluta pulchra, n. sp., (Turbellaria: Acoela) from the east coast of North America. Trans Am Microsc Soc 110:12-26
Tyler S, Bush LF (comp.) 2003 Turbellarian taxonomic database. Version 1.2.  
Tyler S, Bush LF 1984 TURBSYS, a computer-assisted database of turbellarian taxonomy. Presented at the Fourth International Symposium on the Biology of the Turbellaria, Fredericton, NB, Canada, August, 1984.  
Tyler S, Bush LF 1998 Turbellarian platyhelminths: Taxonomy. A World Wide Web site. URL http://www.umesci.maine.edu/biology/turbs
Tyler S, Schilling S, Hooge MD, Bush LF (comp.) 2006 Turbellarian taxonomic database. Version 1.5 http://turbellaria.umaine.edu
Tyler S, Schilling S, Hooge MD, Bush LF (comp.) 2005 Turbellarian taxonomic database. Version 1.4.  

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